Zendaya was left "high and dry" on a date with Tom Holland.

Zendaya and Tom Holland are going viral for an embarrassing incident on a recent date in Europe. Holland, well known for his depiction of Spider-Man, is famed for his heroic persona battling for justice.

Recent incidents, however, indicate that his real-life behavior may not be consistent with his on-screen character.

During a trip to Venice, the British actor was photographed allegedly failing to assist his girlfriend, Zendaya, as they boarded a water taxi.

The duo, both 26 years old, had romantic moments such as a gondola ride and sightseeing. However, Holland's gallantry appeared to slip when it came to assisting Zendaya onboard the boat. 

Instead, he easily boarded the taxi, leaving Zendaya to manage the transfer on her own. Her tight maxi-dress made this difficult.

Holland and Zendaya's romance began in 2016 when they were cast as love interests in the MCU blockbuster Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Zendaya plays MJ, Peter Parker's persistent love interest, in the film. The couple was recently thought to be engaged, but they have rejected the rumors. 

They have apparently purchased a £3 million six-bedroom property in Richmond, South West London.