Youngkin: ‘Doesn’t Have a Choice’ Against Virginia School District Ignoring Gender Identity Policies

Glenn Youngkin, the governor of Virginia and a Republican, has condemned a local school system for defying new rules adopted by the state's department of education.

Youngkin said Prince Williams County Public Schools (PWCS) "doesn't have a choice" in the matter because it is the law" on Monday during an interview with Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum.

"I must issue model policies in accordance with the law, and local school districts must adopt policies that are consistent with those model policies,

" the statute states. This is common logic, I would also add, Youngkin stated during an appearance on The Story. 

The Prince William County School (PWCS) recently issued a statement indicating their decision to adhere to the existing model policies established in 2021, s.

 rather than adopting the new ones. This choice is based on their recognition of the "rights of transgender and gender-nonconforming students,

" which aligns with both federal and state anti-discrimination laws.

To guarantee a secure and positive academic environment that fits individual student needs, 

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