Will precursor Yellowstone: 1883 season 2 return?

Nearly two years after its first debut, the prequel series 1883 to Yellowstone finally made it to cable TV this summer,

introducing the original Dutton family to those who hadn't already watched the show.

Fans are unsure about the show's future following the dramatic season finale, which featured the stunning deaths of many of the major characters. 

 So, will 1883 have a second season? Here is what we do know.

Sadly, it looks like 1883 won't be making a second season debut anytime soon. The finale of the ten-hour limited series,

which was written by the show's creator Taylor Sheridan, will conclude the story of James, Margaret, and Elsa Dutton. 

He told Deadline that after the finale, which aired in February 2022, "We wanted to make a 10-hour movie that concluded, and that's what we achieved,

" adding, "For me as a storyteller it feels close closed. I'm going to look out a window into another time period to see what I can see there.

Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth in "Yellowstone," disagrees with Taylor Sheridan's vision: I still read unexpected stuff.