Which NFL clubs improved in 2023 offseasons?

I'll be delivering my NFL offseason rankings on ESPN+ over the course of the upcoming week.

Given the personnel and resources a team had available at the end of the 2022 season, 

these are intended to take into account what a team accomplished during the offseason 

to boost its prospects of winning a Super Bowl, both in the short and long terms.

Due to the vastly different conditions each squad had to contend with, that last sentence is crucial when evaluating these rankings.

Compared to the Vikings, the Bears got a lot more talent through free agency, but they also had a lot more financial room to work with. 

In this scenario, we are less concerned with whether the Bears added skill and more concerned with whether they made the best use of their financial resources.

Also, even though the Texans had two first-round picks in the April draft, does history indicate that they made good use of those assets?