When Will 'Yellowstone' Season 5 Premiere On Peacock?

How do you intend to spend the long weekend? Dinner with friends? A trip out of town?

Are you getting into the season finales of Barry and Succession? Do you enjoy reading a nice book by the pool?

The first eight episodes of Yellowstone Season 5 will be available on the streaming service.

So I expect a substantial number of Peacock subscribers to be glued to their screens!

Fans of Taylor Sheridan's beloved drama are still waiting for fresh episodes to air. 

However, the turmoil in the production office has resulted in significant delays (the latest current report is November 2023,

despite the fact that the situation is still flux). Kevin Costner will reportedly not return after Season 5. 

Instead, a new spinoff starring Matthew McConaughey is expected to replace it.