The production of Marvel's 'Thunderbolts' has been halted due to a writers' strike.

Marvel's "Thunderbolts" development is now hampered by the ongoing WGA writers' strike. 

TheWrap has reported that the upcoming film's production has been halted due to a labor dispute. 

The superhero team-up film was set to begin filming in Atlanta in mid-June.

"Thunderbolts" will be released on July 26, 2024, and will be directed by Jake Schreier from a script written by b.

Writer Eric Pearson of "Black Widow" is now on strike with the rest of the Writers Guild of America.

In essence, "Thunderbolts" is Marvel's version of "Suicide Squad," with a cast of well-known villains from previous films.

Marvel films collaborating to do tasks for the American government. Yelena Belova is played by Florence Pugh. 

Bucky Barnes is played by Sebastian Stan, Red Guardian is played by David Harbour, and Taskmaster is played by Olga Kurylenko.