The Nuggets overcome the Lakers to reach the NBA Finals for the first time.

Despite dominating during the regular season, Denver was still not considered a favorite to advance to the final round. LeBron James,  

The great forward for the Los Angeles Lakers, left his home court as the Denver Nuggets' historic celebration got underway. 

His face was expressionless. The Lakers had kept their season going for weeks after it was. 

Thought to be over, but the Nuggets silenced them on Monday night. 

Some of Denver's players still appeared to be having trouble accepting that the series was over and that they had actually  

Succeeded after the final buzzer.After sweeping the Lakers in four games in the Western Conference finals on Monday, the Nuggets. 

Advanced to the N.B.A. championships for the first time in team history. The winner of the Eastern Conference finals, in which the Miami .

Heat are up 3-0 against the Boston Celtics, will play Denver. Miami will host Tuesday's East Division Game 4.