The Flash's Supergirl Debut Is Wasted

The Flash squanders the potential to completely bring Supergirl into the DC Extended Universe, leaving her character underdeveloped and overshadowed by other characters.

Supergirl's minimal screen time and lack of character development diminish her entrance, making her a glorified cameo rather than a key element of the picture.

The Flash's portrayal of Supergirl as a female version of Superman ignores the unique features and backstory that distinguish the two characters, doing a disservice to Supergirl's history and potential influence.

The following contains The Flash spoilers.The Flash tells an epic plot of time travel, multiple dimensions, and personal traumas, making it one of DC's more ambitious flicks. 

Along the way, it introduces Supergirl (Sasha Calle) into the DC Extended Universe but wastes the opportunity by not making her what she could be. 

They didn't completely damage the character, but they didn't give her the proper introduction to the cosmos. Because Supergirl isn't as well-known as many of DC's

characters, she may be largely obscure to the general public, and The Flash doesn't do much to change that.

The issue is with the story Supergirl received in The Flash, not with the actress. Calle's representation is adequate given the circumstances.

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