The Editor of 'The Flash' Finally Explains the Movie's Strangest Cameo

The visual effects of The Flash aren't the best. It's a truth that has been acknowledged since the film's initial release, and its image is only deteriorating as

more fans upload snippets of the most perplexing parts online.One of The Flash's most memorable scenes featured cameos from all throughout the DC Universe. 

From Christopher Reeves' Superman to Jay Garrick, the original Flash, The Flash really pushed out all the stops in showing its weird multiverse. 

Production, on the other hand, has taken a lot of heat for this particular sequence. It doesn't help that so many of the voice-only cameos were lifted from YouTube,

of all places; The Flash also resurrects long-dead characters with some fairly rubbery CGI. Not a good look

for the film that was meant to bring DC's Extended Universe to a satisfying close. That said, you have to give props to the artists who labored behind the scenes to

bring DC's world to life. The visual effects crew was definitely working with whatever they had. 

For better or worse, it was an inside job, which included casting crew members to complete the film's most dramatic scene.

Nubia, Wonder Woman's sidekick, is forming her own Justice League in preparation for an Amazon attack.