Tears Of The Kingdom Player Traps Ganondorf And Tortures Him To Death

In the game Tears of the Kingdom, if you are still having trouble defeating Ganondorf, Recent-Marsupial-65 may have a suggestion for you

vencircle him with a fence and attack him with electric spikes.

Who exactly stated that the Master Sword was required?

Recent-Marsupial-65 was able to confine Ganondorf into an impenetrable pen before releasing their device by using stakes, motors, thunder emitters.

large wheels, and spikes, with only a pinch of trial and error thrown in for good measure

It is essentially a lightning mace that spins quickly and has spikes on it that is placed on a podium at the same level as his head.

It strikes him with each rotation, reducing his health until he enters his final phase.

Because he is confined in the enclosure with the fence, he is unable to move and will therefore be forced to endure pain.

In honor of the Pac-12 before realignment destroys it