Scheffler's fall ends with lucky bounce in PGA Championship 3rd round. 

New York's PITTSFORD (AP) — Scottie Scheffler realized things might have been  ...

...worse after dropping out of a tie for the lead at the PGA Championship after starting his third round with four bogeys in the first seven holes.

On the seventh hole at Oak Hill, a misjudged shot out of the wet,  

dense rough sent the ball straight for Allen's Creek. Instead of plopping

The ball skipped like a stone through the water before landing on the opposite fairway.

After finishing with a round of 3-over 73, Scheffler remarked, 

That would have definitely been a kick in the gut for sure if the ball went in the hazard.

Scheffler entered the final round at 2-under 208 and was four strokes behind leader Brooks Koepka.