Sara Ramirez said, 'I am a human being' in response to Che Diaz criticism.

Everyone, Sara Ramirez would like to remind you that you are not actually Che Diaz.

The They/Them pronoun-using And Just Like That actor wrote in a message on Instagram on Wednesday in response to the ongoing criticism of their contentious character,

"I am not the fictional characters I have played, nor am I responsible for the things that are written for them to say."

I am a human being, an artist, and an actor, Ramirez continued. And the world in which we live has became increasingly hostile toward anyone who dared to reject the gender binary or challenge the status quo.

During the first season of the Sex and the City revival, Che, who was introduced as Carrie's (Sarah Jessica Parker) podcast cohost, caused controversy among viewers. 

 Che's romance with Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon), which caused her to elope with Steve (David Eigenberg), served to further polarize the audience.

The most recent remarks made by Ramirez on people confusing them with Che were in response to a recent feature that Ramirez referred to as "The Hack Job's article

 Ramirez claimed that the piece was produced by someone who "asked me serious questions but expected a comedic response I guess (?)."

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