Roger Waters: German police investigate ex-Pink Floyd star over Nazi-style costume

On May 17, while doing a performance at Berlin's Mercedes-Benz Arena, Waters was spotted donning a long, black overcoat and a crimson wristband.

Additionally, he pointed a toy machine gun towards the crowd. Germany forbids the display of Nazi uniforms, flags, and emblems.

Its regulations do, however, permit exceptions for artistic or educational purposes.

According to police spokesman Martin Halweg, "We are looking into allegations of inciting public hatred because

the attire used on stage could be used to glorify or defend Nazi rule, disturbing the peace in the community."

The attire Waters wore during earlier performances going back several years had a red wristband with two black crossed hammers on a white circle.

The insignia are reminiscent of those found on clothes in the 1982 movie The Wall, which was based on

the Pink Floyd album of the same name and starred campaigner and fellow musician Bob Geldof.