New thriller project for Olga Kurylenko

The thriller 'Misdirection' will star Olga Kurylenko.

In Kevin Lewis' upcoming film, the "Quantum of Solace" actress will be seen opposite Armand Assante and Oliver Trevena.

In an interview with Deadline, Lewis said: "I am over the moon to be working with Olga, Armand, Oliver,

the rest of our amazing and talented team on crafting a tight, edge-of-your-seat thriller that will entertain audiences worldwide."

"I am so thrilled to be working with my friend from 'The Paradox Effect' and most recent co-star, Olga Kurylenko," Trevena continued.

"This will be an exciting ride on the set and in the theatre with Armand Assante on board."

The narrative of the film centres on a couple, played by Kurylenko and Trevena, who turn to robberies in order to pay off a mob debt.

However, as they tamper with the wrong person, their final break-in appears to be one too many.

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