Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively sad after 'enormous loss'—fans send support

After his tragic death at 45, Ryan Reynolds called him "the bravest and kindest" he's ever encountered.

Deadpool, 46, mourns Wrexham fan Jay Fear, who died of appendix cancer in January. Ryan and Jay met last month before Wrexham's promotion to the Football League during a Bucket List Wishes meeting. 

Ryan posted photographs of him, Jay, and his family on his Instagram Stories to express his and Blake Lively's condolences. "RIP Jay Fear. "One of the bravest, kindest, and most generous people I've ever met," Ryan captioned a photo of him holding Jay. 

wrexham fan jay fear ryan reynolds hugging racecourse stadium on Instagram Appendix cancer killed Jay in May 2023.

Thanks for sharing your dad, Deb, Sam, and Jess. Given your loss, words are inadequate. My family in Wrexham and beyond loves you. I adored Jay every minute." 

Ryan Reynolds Fear and family @wrexhamracecoursestadium Instagram Ryan with Jay (C) and family at Wrexham Racecourse Stadium in April.

Jay was thrilled to meet his "idol" Deadpool in April and receive a glove. Ryan also invited him to the third film's shoot, but Jay died before he could. 

"It was amazing to meet Jay," said Ryan, who was "choked up" after meeting Jay. I wonder if I'd be as happy if we were swapped. His family and he are excellent. I teared up talking to him and sensing how much his kids and wife will miss him."