Marvel fans are unanimous in their belief that one of the Avengers is a Skrull.

After the publication of Secret Invasion episode 2, "Promises," fans are certain that Rhodey is a Skrull. The latest Disney program from Marvel Studios continues as Nick

Fury and Talos the Skrull feverishly try to prevent a gang of shape-shifting aliens from taking over Earth. Following the sudden death of Maria Hill, Fury may be losing another potential ally who could aid him in this new venture.

The issue of determining which characters are Skrulls and which are not is a key part of Secret Invasion's appeal.

 Following the news that Everett Ross has been taken over by a shape-shifter, episode 2 hints that Rhodey may be a Skrull, something MCU fans have been convinced of. Below is a selection of their tweets:

There had already been speculation regarding who might be a Skrull in the MCU prior to Secret Invasion. 

Many shape-shifters have peacefully coexisted with the rest of the human population for decades. That being said, this setup was not intended to be permanent. Unfortunately,

Fury and Carol Danvers were unable to find the Skrulls their own home, despite the fact that this was constantly highlighted in Secret Invasion.

For what it's worth, director Ali Selim previously stated that only fans can totally trust Nick Fury and Talos.

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