Kelly Clarkson of 'The Voice' draws attention with her daring see-through outfit.

With The Voice season 23 coming to an end, it's difficult to picture Kelly Clarkson stepping out as a coach for an indefinite period of time.

While we don't know when she'll be back, she certainly made a statement with the costume she wore to commemorate the show's summer finale.

The "Favorite Kind of High" singer drew attention in a short-sleeve burgundy gown for part 1 of the NBC series' season finale.

Kelly's gown had a high neckline and billowed shoulders, which provided dimension to what would have been a plain design. 

She also wore similar gloves, which completed the look perfectly. A leather belt constricted in her waist and gave the feminine look a rocker's edge to juxtapose the delicate touches.

Still, the see-through material with a flowery velvet pattern was the main standout of the American Idol winner's attire.

Because the dress was sheer, Kelly could wear a similar colored bodysuit that peeked out from underneath.

Kelly stepped up her game with her accessories and cosmetics to match her vibrant television attire.