John Wick 4's Insane Staircase Fight Behind the Scenes

It hurt to watch John Wick climb the famed Sacré-Coeur stairs just to be tossed down at the end of the most recent John Wick: Chapter 4. 

Fans have watched the now-iconic sequence numerous times, each time marveling at the character's resilience. 

 John Wick's persistence and mesmerizing cinematography recall Rocky's famous scene as Sylvester Stallone climbs the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps after his morning exercise.

IGN has released a new featurette that goes behind the scenes of the filming of the IGN's new behind-the-scenes documentary shows how the classic sequence was made.

John Wick believes this is his last chance. He'll fulfill his task, alive or dead. "It's a mad sprint to the end," says fight choreographer Jeremy Marinas. The countdown and the need to reach the peak before sunrise raise the stakes.

“We have 300 steps, that just go into the sky and we’ve got to fight up them,” stunt choreographer Stephen Dunley says. He adds, “If you’ve seen those Sacré-Coeur stairs, it’s a pretty steep staircase. 

That's great because there's lots to play with. People are shot and chipped off ramps in trees and railings over the sides.

Director Chad Stahelski and the team maximized visual information in each take.