Jess Glynne hails 'untouchable' Spice Girl

After serving as their opening act for the Spice Girls' 2019 stadium tour, Jess Glynne still keeps in touch with them.

The singer, now 33, grew up as a die-hard fan of the number-one girl group and still has pleasant recollections of the tour.

It was wonderful, according to Jess, who will be playing at BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend on Saturday (27.05.23) in Dundee, 

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Scotland. I used to be their biggest fan, so that was crazy. I possessed each and every item and image.

"I spent time with them; we socialized together and stay in touch to this day. It's strange to imagine that they were once these inviolable dolls in my life.

The success of other British female singers excite the London-born diva as well.

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"Being a woman in this industry is hard enough," she said. The fact that there are so many young ladies emerging is a blessing.