How Late Actor Ray Stevenson Is Being Honored in His Final Film Role

The Thor actor, who passed away on May 21 at the age of 58, was recently remembered by director Péter Soós in a heartfelt letter, 

In which the director expressed his desire to memorialize Ray with the film 1242 Gateway to the West.

Ray's portrayal of Cardinal Cesereani in the historical drama served as his final screen appearance before he passed away.

Péter sent a note to Deadline stating, "I have realized the great weight of the duty that has placed upon me with our work together on what is undoubtedly your last major film.

"I'll do everything in my power to uphold this. I can see you on the scene, passionately analyzing Cesareani's character.

We had even started to develop plans for a prequel movie about the Cardinal because you like playing him.

Péter continued to think about Ray's fascinating charisma and his capacity to hold everyone's attention both on and off camera.

"During the time we spent together on both sides of the camera, I came to experience how passionately you act,

how passionately you live; how much you love to act and live," Péter continued. There was laughter everywhere you went on set and in the hotel.