Hailee Steinfeld discusses Florence Pugh, Taylor Swift, and other "incredible women" in her life.

Hailee Steinfeld, an actress and singer, has spoken out about the "incredible women" in her life, including her grandma and BFFs like Taylor Swift and Florence Pugh. Here's what she had to say.

Hailee Steinfeld spoke to PEOPLE magazine about her friendships with Florence Pugh and Taylor Swift, 

as well as other women who have inspired her, including her grandmother and several female filmmakers.

"I've had a lot of amazing women in my life since I was a child. "I've never been afraid to speak up for myself," she told the magazine. 

Hailee stated that it began with "my mom and grandmother," followed by her female cousins who are "incredible mothers and incredible businesswomen."

Hailee has had the opportunity to work with "some incredible female filmmakers who have inspired me within the field that I'm in by owning their power" over her career.

Hailee described her coworker Florence Pugh as "incredibly exciting and inspiring" on set. She stated she will "never forget the moment" she met Florence while filming Hawkeye.

"Seeing Florence walk on set as if she'd been there since the beginning was incredibly exciting and inspiring." She is incredibly skilled and has a fantastic sense of comedy.