Grammy-winning singer responds to fan who dumped cremated bones onstage, more news

Some "different ways" of grieving are greater on the Richter scale than others. On Sunday, June 25, a concertgoer tossed a baggie of light-colored powder onstage, stopping Pink's performance at Hyde Park in London.

The person's mother was cremated. Pink crouching by the baggie in social media clip. She questioned the crowd member, "Is this your mom?"

She took it in her hands while maintaining an expression of bewilderment and asked a person nearby, "Is this your mom?" while barely holding on to one of the corners.

It is not obvious from the video footage why the singer was informed about the particular contents of the bag; nonetheless,

it appears that she was informed that the ashes in the bag belonged to the person's mother. Pink then bent down once more and placed the baggie beneath one of the stage's speakers

as she made her way slowly toward the stage's edge. She said into the microphone, "I don't know how I feel about this," before catching back up to the song's lyrics 

and going toward the other side of the stage. "I don't know how I feel about this," she continued. Bebe Rexha was taken to the hospital earlier this month for treatment of injuries

she sustained earlier this month when she was smacked in the face with a phone while performing onstage. 

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