Gal Gadot had'so much fun' playing Snow White's Evil Queen.

In "Snow White," Gal Gadot said that it was "so much fun" to play the Evil Queen.

The 38-year-old actress enjoyed having the opportunity to "stretch" her performance into something "more dramatic" 

In Disney's upcoming live-action adaptation of the beloved cartoon film "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs."

She said: "I think it was so much fun to play the Evil Queen," to Hong Kong's Vogue magazine.

"Because this is a fairy tale, there was something so delectable about this point. The first villain from Disney. 

Additionally, since it's a musical, I was able to stretch out my acting and make it so much more theatrical and animated that it was absolutely amazing.

Gal even altered her voice for the role, and she is eager to watch the full movie. The actress earlier stated that 

she intended to make the evilness of her character "interesting" and for the movie to explore the reasons behind the Evil Queen's personality.

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