Former NFL MVP to adjust playing style in new offense?

Lamar Jackson has recently received a raise from the Baltimore Ravens, but the quarterback

Appears willing to modify his style of play under new offensive coordinator Todd Monken. 

Jackson described gameplan modifications made by Monken this spring to reporters on Wednesday a

"just being able to throw the ball down the field," according to Kevin Patra of the NFL website.

Running can only get you so far, though. With the new clubs and offenses in the league, I believe we need that, 

And coach Todd Monken's offense is fantastic from what I can tell so far.

Jackson signed a five-year deal with the Ravens that was allegedly worth up to $260 million (with $185 million guaranteed), and head coach 

John Harbaugh hinted that he would continue to allow the 26-year-old to play "Lamar ball" and "run when it's time to run" in competition.