For Aaron Rodgers and the 2023 Jets, the mission is possible.

New York Jets expectations are high for 2023. They're ready for a blockbuster. They had a director, supporting cast, and a star. Aaron Rodgers leads. Is it a hit?

Like any upcoming film, the 2023 Jets get a trailer to show us what to expect. Flight 23: Ascension's first episode is available for viewing. But that's irrelevant. The Jets intend to film a Hollywood-style excursion.

After 16 years, Rodgers has left Green Bay. The jet-setting agent now faces up against new and old enemies in New York.

This time, the mission, stakes, and mistake margin are bigger. Agent Rodgers must establish once and for all that this is impossible.

Rodgers will be the Jets' hope, whether by decision or fate. It's unavoidable. By using his name, New Yorkers will expect a resurrection. Like Tom Cruise, Aaron Rodgers' name boosts his team. His name deserves high expectations, especially for a team that has had little success.

Jets' IP is worthless today. Jets quarterbacks haven't been reliable since Joe Namath. Dallas Cowboys, NFL's Marvel flicks, sell. Now, the Jets aren't. To win and remain relevant, they needed a star.

Rodgers sells the Jets franchise, unlike movies like Cruise that focus on the i.p. not vice versa. This season, the Jets have five primetime games compared to the previous year's one. 

He revitalized a dead franchise with his name on the poster. He offers dreams and tickets. However, a movie star doesn't guarantee a pleasant conclusion.

Since 2010, the Jets haven't won a season or made the playoffs. Annual disappointments. Can one experienced quarterback turn a decade of suffering into one year of joy?

Aaron Rodgers controls the Jets and New York. Will he be able to complete this mission? If not him, who? He was dealt for the Jets' future. What happens if Rodgers leaves? Shouldn't this be possible?