Father and son will spend time for $20 million lottery swindle.

On Monday, federal prosecutors convicted a Massachusetts father and son for illegally claiming $20 million in lottery winnings and lying on their tax returns to avoid $6 million in federal taxes.

Monday's US Attorney's Office for the District of Massachusetts sentenced Ali Jaafar, 63, to five years and his 29-year-old son Yousef to 50 months. 

They had to refund over $6 million and forfeit their scheme gains. The two were found guilty of conspiring to defraud the IRS.  laundering, and filing a fraudulent tax return in December.

“This is a complex tax fraud. "Over a decade, this father-and-son team defrauded the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission and the IRS to pocket millions of hard-earned taxpayers' dollars.

Acting US Attorney Joshua S. Levy said in the news release. These defendants recruited a large network of co-conspirators and. 

Pushed their lottery scam across Massachusetts by frequently lying to government officials. “The Jaafars’ intention to appeal to the First Circuit Court of.

Appeals,” Valerie S. Carter told CNN in an email Tuesday. Mohamed Jaafar, another son of Ali Jaafar, pled guilty to.

Conspiracy to deceive the IRS last year and will be sentenced in July. CNN has contacted his attorney.