Fans of the Vikings Are Angry About the Taylor Swift Concert

Taylor Swift performed at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis a few days ago. Some Minnesota Vikings fans who also like Swift believe the June 23rd event was louder than some of the best Vikings moments in the new stadium. They're right?

Due to its size, US Bank Stadium rarely hosts great concerts. Noise rebounding off dome walls can make some musicians and their music sound bad.

Football games have little requirement for decent sound quality, thus the reverberating walls make supporters scream 10x louder. First, the stadium's loudest moments.

First, the Minneapolis Miracle. The Vikings don't play live music during games, so it's hard to compare decibels. On January 14, 2018, US Bank Stadium had its loudest non-musical event.

Stefon Diggs delivered the Minneapolis Miracle. One of sports' greatest plays, the crowd went wild for 15 minutes.

The 33-0 comeback against the Indianapolis Colts was another loud Vikings game. Vikings fans are stubborn, therefore few left the game when the team was down large. Staying paid off. 

After the Vikings were within two scores, every touchdown coming up to the comeback was louder as they pulled off the improbable.

Cheesehead games are another example of US Bank Stadium cheering for the team rather than Taylor Swift. US Bank is loud, whether cheering the Vikings or booing Green Bay.

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