Dylan Dreyer Celebrates Career News, 'Today' Fans Excited

DYlan Dreyer writes children's books and hosts a popular morning show.

The Today show presenter announced the sequel to Misty the Cloud: A Very Stormy Day on Instagram two years after its premiere. She revealed that her third book, Misty the Cloud: Fun Is in the Air

will be released on May 2 as she opened a box with her oldest son Calvin. She disclosed more one year after her second book's release.

 As part of Penguin Random House's Step Into Reading program, parents can buy it.

Today show viewers cheered Dylan's return to writing. They praised her next author step on Instagram.

"Congrats! "You're the hardest working mom I know," someone commented. "LOVE this!!!! "I'm buying it for my 2nd graders," another said. "Love love love that kids will be able to read Misty themselves!!" another fan cried.

What may young bookworms expect? Dylan's upcoming book will feature Misty and her companions enjoying a summer updraft ride at the Sea Breeze Carnival. 

The Today program co-host's science knowledge may help readers understand weather.