Club pro Michael Block teamed with McIlroy in PGA final round for big money. 

Pittsburgh, New York (AP) — Michael Block, who is still competing at the PGA Championship this week against the best golfers in the world,  

shook his head and covered his ears, making it clear that he didn't ...

...want to hear about the potential financial rewards of a top-10 result.

Block, a club professional from Southern California, said on Saturday, "I don't want to listen. 

" At the 2014 Club Professional National Championship in Myrtle Beach, 

South Carolina, he revealed that the greatest golf prize he has ever received was $75,000.

"I don't pay attention to what I might or might not be able to make or anything similar. He continued, 

I'm pretty much putting my head down," after maintaining his competitive position at Oak Hill with his third straight even-par 70.