Chicago P.D. Season 10 Ends Bloodily—Will [Spoiler] Survive?

As Intelligence closed in on white supremacist Richard Beck, Chicago P.D.'s Season 10 finale was bloody.

Ruzek found hanging around a racist unfun, and the case began to wear on him. Only confiding in Burgess and seeing Makayla kept him calm.

When Samantha threatened to leave town with Cal, he was exposed, which changed the situation.

Voight and ASA Chapman got Samantha and Cal full immunity if she cooperated. She reluctantly agreed, and the team sprinted into position.

While Ruzek helped Samantha and Cal pack, Intelligence spread out for a large-scale operation in numerous sites. Because Richard was missing, their raid failed. Atwater found C4 just before the building exploded. Everyone survived

Cal shot Ruzek in the abdomen. Samantha ran while Ruzek called for help on his phone. Ruzek used his last strength to convince Burgess to find Samantha and Cal in the ambulance.

Platt consoled Burgess as he waited for a hospital update. (Platt should check on her spouse Mouch.) That helped her go and keep her promise to her boyfriend.

Chicago P.D.Burgess arrested Samantha, who begged him to pretend she shot Ruzek instead of Cal. Richard then kidnapped Cal in his truck. Atwater killed Richard, spilling blood on the undamaged child