Celtics’ Jaylen Brown Reveals Most Disrespectful NBA Player

Since Jaylen Brown began playing in the league in 2016, he has been a part of a few Celtics team

that have achieved great success. He has so played alongside many brilliant players, some of whom are more rude than others.

Brown identified the opponent that treated him with the utmost contempt before Boston won Game 5 on Thursday. 

He could have chosen a more accomplished player like Jayson Tatum or Kyrie Irving, but he chose a lesser-known Boston player instead.

According to Brown's statement to GQ, "I've played on some teams with some interesting guys who talked a lot to the refs.

" "Isaiah Thomas was without a doubt the most disrespectful player I have ever played with," said the player.

Brown claims that even though Thomas is only 5'9" tall, he was never hesitant to talk the talk.

While in Boston for three seasons, he averaged 24.7 points and 6.0 assists per game, 

helped the team reach the Eastern Conference Finals in 2017, and talked more than his fair share.