Carlos Correa's left foot issue could put him on the injured list.

Sometimes it's better not to make a deal.If the Mets and Carlos Correa's early results are any sign, this could be the case.

The Minnesota Twins' manager, Rocco Baldelli, said Wednesday that the team's shortstop has hurt his left foot, which could put him on the disabled list.

An MRI showed that Correa had pulled a muscle in the arch of his left foot and had plantar fasciitis in his heel.

The 28-year-old wasn't in the mix for the second day in a row when the San Francisco Giants came to town.

Correa just started the first year of the $200 million, six-year deal he signed with the Twins in the summer. He hit 24 home runs and drove in 64 runs in 136 games for Minnesota last season.

The Mets were going to pay him $315 million over 12 years, but after looking at his medical records, they decided to lower their offer because they were worried about his right ankle.

Correa had arthroscopic surgery in 2014 to fix a broken leg and some minor ligament damage he got when he was in the minor leagues.

He had a metal plate put in his right leg to help keep it steady, which made people worry about his health for the rest of his career.