Cameron Kirsten Arrives in Genoa City and Sharon Asks Nick and Chance for Help

As Cameron returns to Genoa City, Sharon receives a cryptic post card she thinks is from him in this CBS episode of The Young and the Restless.

In the previous episode, Chance finds proof as Phyllis meets with Summer, Sharon learns Chance didn’t deliver the champagne, Billy, Chelsea, and Daniel eat with Lily, and Ashley tells Tucker her heart is opening to him.

At GCAC, Chloe's devastated that she's dressed up for nothing. Sally motivates her.

They're preparing. Lily and Devon arrive, sad that their designs won't help them.

Chloe feigns "insanely busy." Chloe frightened once the siblings left.Sally worries they'll think they're too busy.

Sally argues Jill's rejection wasn't their fault. Chloe advises her to adjust to her kid's nosy granddad.

Chloe feels her pal is stubborn. That they're overcharging—maybe she should have let Nick help.

Chloe suggests doing something he'll like. Take the cash. Sally snorts.She wants to absolve Chloe. She's too devoted to disappoint her.Chloe refuses. She claims they're talented and persistent. Sally thinks.