Ben Affleck Wanted to Unleash His Inner Dark Knight on $179M Superhero Movie That Nearly Sank Jennifer Garner's Career:

The movie struggled with tone inconsistencies, tedious dialogue, and questionable character development throughout its running time.

The performance of Daredevil given by Ben Affleck in the film adaption that was released in 2003 received a great deal of backlash due to its mediocre execution.

Affleck's performance was widely criticized for being unconvincing and for failing to adequately capture the complexities of the multifaceted Marvel character.

 Fans and critics alike were left with the idea that the film was unable to adequately capture the spirit of the beloved comic book character because of its uninspired storyline and unimpressive action sequences.

 This contributed to the film's overall failure to live up to expectations.

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he harbored resentment toward Damon despite the fact that he was offered a lifeline after the humiliation of Daredevil.

“I’m not giving him a cut”: After "Daredevil" Humiliation, Ben Affleck Held A Grudge Against Matt Damon.

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