Ashley Johnson gets restraining order against ex-boyfriend

The Last of Us actor Ashley Johnson sues ex-boyfriend Brian Wayne Foster for assault and extortion.

After several unsettling instances, Ashley Johnson of The Last of Us and Critical Role filed a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend.

After their split, Johnson and her family were threatened, abused, and extorted, prompting the restraining order.

Johnson and Brian Wayne Foster had been dating since 2012. They lived together for years and announced their engagement in 2018 via Instagram and Critical Role live streams.

Foster allegedly committed "many acts of terror" and verbally abused the "Blindspot" actress. She broke up with Foster in March after two years of trying. This decision escalated Foster's violent and hazardous behavior.

Foster's drug use worsened his erratic behavior, according to the 39-year-old actor. Johnson fled her house and requested an emergency restraining order on May 15 out of fear for her and her family.

The Last of Us Game's voice actor said Foster was "close to the edge" and could hurt her and her family in the legal declaration.

Their relationship was not as ideal as admirers thought.