Angels' Pitchers Embrace Changes & Succeed 


The Angels' starters agreed with the changes made by temporary manager Phil Nevin, and it paid off Monday night when they beat the Astros 4-0.

Nevin made a lot of changes to the pitching staff, like putting Jaime Barria in the starting rotation instead of the bench. 

Barria answered by throwing seven innings in which no runs were scored. He gave up only four hits and struck out five batters.

The ninth inning was Raisel Iglesias's 13th save of the season.

The Angels' attack, which scored four runs on nine hits, also helped. 

Shohei Ohtani had two hits and drove in a run, and Mike Trout had a hit and scored a run.

The Angels have now won two straight games and three of their last four.

 They now have a 23–24 record for the season.

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