After the passing of Jock Zonfrillo, MasterChef continues.

Last week, when the MasterChef cast came back to the Channel 10 reality show, they were overcome with sadness. 

Since the most recent season was already filmed there, this is the first time they have visited the region since the tragic death of judge Jock Zonfrillo. 

The Saturday Telegraph reported that staff members found it difficult to control their tears as they thought about their late friend and colleague who was in the studio.

According to those who spoke to the publication, cast and staff were frequently struck with grief on site, causing production to halt. 

Since the chef's private burial in Sydney two weeks ago, many of them hadn't seen one another. The 46-year-old passed away on.  

April 30, one day before the premiere of the most recent season of the popular cookery program. He was discovered deceased by .

Authorities in the early morning hours at a hotel in Melbourne, and it is thought that he passed away naturally. 

Producers at Channel 10 will likely now be rushing to decide how to proceed with the upcoming series in the wake of his passing.