After splitting with Brittany Williams, Josh Allen dated Hailey Steinfeld.

Josh Allen and Brittany Williams' romance has yet another fatal fault. Buffalo Bill

Earlier this week, the quarterback was spotted with a new girlfriend in New York City.

The whole thing started when internet sleuths found Allen's long-term partner had removed him. 

He was unfollowed from her Instagram account. After that, when Allen skipped Williams' birthday, rumors of a breakup lingered.

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While Williams was away, his friends appeared to target Allen by writing a message on the birthday cake.

There appeared to be more drama at the Kentucky Derby, following some ridiculous online theories about the reason for the breakup.

All of the off-field drama that makes the start of a new season appear to come faster. All of this adds up.

Allen was photographed out with singer and actress Hailee Steinfeld on Thursday night.