Adele discloses shocking health news at her recent Vegas gig, revealing that her staff had to take her 'whole body up off the floor'.

Have you heard Adele's ballads? They make fans emotional. But this weekend, she upset people for a different reason.

The superstar singer startled fans by revealing she collapsed backstage.

At her latest Weekends with Adele concert in Las Vegas, she said, “They picked my whole body up off the floor.”

that it's a flare-up of a long-term ailment before everyone panics.Adele had to leave the stage this weekend due to back problems

according to The Sun and witnesses. She told the gathering, “I am going to sit down and rest my sciatica.”

She said she had been “bragging” about recovering from the excruciating back problem, but “God brought it back.” Perhaps she was too proud.

Adele hobbled across the stage, she maintained her British humor.

She linked losing weight to her back discomfort, or rather, longing to get rid of it.