Actors Who Played Billie on Days of Our Lives

Billie Reed should be at the top of the list of memorable "Days of Our Lives" characters. Lisa Rinna played the role for the first time in 1992.

 The character made her public debut. Billie moved to Salem in quest of her brother Austin Reed, but instead encountered a family and genuine love.

Three different women have played the part over the years, but Rinna is the most well-known.

Billie had addiction problems in her early years in Salem, it was learned. When Billie first met Bo Brady,

She straightened up, discovered that Kate Roberts was her biological mother, and began to work through her horrific past. 

Bo and Billie got engaged after falling in love. The return to town of Hope Brady, who was thought to be Bo's deceased wife, complicated their relationship. 

Hope, who had amnesia, identified herself as Princess Gina. Hope briefly regained her memory after Bo and Billie married. 

Billie and Bo parted ways and moved on. Billie later realised that the child she and Bo had assumed had died had fact survived. 

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