10 Movies Like John Wick That Are Actually Worth Watching 

John Wick Influence: The franchise has redefined action films, inspiring movies with assassin anti-heroes and intense action scenes. 

Diverse Settings: Films like "Sisu" and "Violent Night" adopt the John Wick style in varied scenarios. 

Key Elements: Mythical assassin protagonists, gun fu, and martial arts combine for exhilarating action. 

Keanu Reeves Impact: Introduced as Baba Yaga avenging his dog in 2014, spawning sequels and spin-offs. 

Template Flexibility: The formula adapts to different backstories and settings effectively. 

"Sisu" Example: Set in WWII, Aatami Korpi battles Nazis, showcasing legendary prowess as "The Immortal". 

Non-stop Action: "Sisu" delivers relentless 91 minutes of Aatami's Nazi takedowns using various weapons. 

Popcorn Fun: "Sisu" captures John Wick's essence, offering enjoyable action akin to the franchise. 

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