Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott’s $4-year, $24.9M contract and DeMarco Murray’s.

When compared to most other teams, the Cowboys waited a little bit longer before beginning to sign their draft picks. On the other hand, four of the nine players signed their rookie contracts on Wednesday.
Ezekiel Elliott, who was selected fourth overall, was the most notable player.

According to a source, Elliott will receive a total compensation package of $24.9 million fully guaranteed over the course of four years, in addition to a signing bonus of $16.3 million. This contract is the largest one given to a rookie running back since Trent Richardson in 2012, when he was selected third overall and given a deal for just over $20 million.

Amari Cooper, a wide receiver with the Raiders and the fourth overall choice in 2017, was given a guaranteed amount of $22.7 million over the course of four years.

Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott's $4-year, $24.9M contract and DeMarco Murray's.
According to the numbers provided by Spotrac, Ezekiel Elliott’s annual salary of $6.225 million places him ninth among all NFL running backs. Elliott receives an annual salary that is about equal to that of former Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray, who is now a member of the Tennessee Titans and makes an average of $6.5 million.
Contracts for first-round picks always include a fifth-year option for the team.The Cowboys also announced that cornerback Anthony Brown, safety Kavon Frazier, and running back Darius Jackson have all signed with the team after being selected in the sixth round.

Stephen Jones, the executive vice president of the Cowboys, provided an explanation for why the team had not signed any of their draft picks as of the previous week.

“Those things aren’t that difficult,” Jones remarked. They will be completed at some point. We thought it would be a good idea to take a look at how things have been going so far in this year. There have been some alterations to the contracts, including some minor matters that probably don’t signify much to anyone outside us.Simply put, we were interested in seeing how a variety of teams were approaching them. We had the idea that this may be the year that we finally take things a little bit easier, see how other teams handle their contracts, make a few mental notes, and then go forward with getting these players signed.

Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott's $4-year, $24.9M contract and DeMarco Murray's.
“There won’t be any problems for us. They are all fantastic guys who are portrayed by extremely admirable individuals. We will be able to complete them.”

Linebacker Jaylon Smith, who was selected in the second round, defensive tackle Maliek Collins, who was selected in the third round, defensive end Charles Tapper, who was selected in the fourth round, and quarterback Dak Prescott, who was selected in the fourth round, and tight end Rico Gathers, who was selected in the sixth round, are the Cowboys’ draft picks that have not yet signed contracts.

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