Air Fryer Hot Dogs

Air Fryer Hot Dogs

Putting together a fast supper with some hot dogs? Put your hands on your air fryer! Excellent for the lunches that children bring to school and simple to adapt for adults.

In most cases, I prepare hot dogs in one of two ways. For the sake of the children, I will either broil or grill the hot dogs, depending on whether or not it is now grilling season. I had never heard of cooking hot dogs in an air fryer before, but I have to say that as soon as I learned about it, I added it to the list of methods I use to prepare hot dogs in a hurry.

I’m not one to use the air fryer in the kitchen for everything, but the science behind it is very amazing, and it’s a terrific kitchen tool to have if you’re trying to create a meal in a short period of time.

I couldn’t believe how well my hot dogs came out when I made them in the air fryer, and ever since then, they have replaced grilling as my go-to method for making hot dogs. Because there is no char aspect to them, which some children don’t like, they were a hit with my children, who enjoyed them even more than grilled hot dogs.

The completed hot dogs have an exterior that is lightly crisped and has a pleasant snap to it, but the interiors maintain a significant amount of their original juice content. Most importantly, you won’t have to wait long for them to be ready! I’m talking 5 minutes maximum.

My Favorite Hot Dogs for Home Cooks

I believe that it is vital to take some time to discuss the many brands of hot dogs that are available on the market before moving on to the process of cooking hot dogs in an air fryer. Although you can certainly use an air fryer to cook whatever kind of hot dog you have, I find it most convenient to buy all-beef hot dogs that come in natural casings since they develop a little crunch when cooked in an air fryer.

How to Cook Hot Dogs in an Air Fryer

Air frying hot dogs is one of the easiest cooking methods there is. I do suggest spraying the basket with some nonstick spray simply to make sure there is no sticking (this is particularly important if you are going to toast the buns as described further down in this section).

It is not necessary to turn the hot dogs or do anything else while they are air-frying since they will cook evenly on their own.

I would suggest frying them at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for around 5 minutes. After that, they will be piping hot and ready to be served.

Using the air fryer to brown the Buns.

This is an additional stage that I find to be utterly enjoyable and delectable. The air fryer makes it simple for me to top my hot dogs with a toasted bun, which is one of my favorite topping combinations. After the hot dogs have been air-fried, put them in the buns, and then return the whole assembly to the air fryer for further cooking. The bread may only be able to be toasted in batches of two at a time, but it does so quite rapidly.

Simply turning on your air fryer for a minute and a half will provide nicely toasted buns to go along with your hot dogs.

If you place a piece of cheese in between the hot dog and the bun before air frying it, the cheese will melt and become SO wonderful. This is without a doubt my new favorite circumstance with a corny dog.

Ideas for Serving Hot Dogs Prepared in an Air Fryer

There is a wide variety of topping possibilities! You may look at my recommendations for interesting things to put on baked hot dogs with cheese if you want to get some ideas that would go very well with these hot dogs.

If you are looking for a side dish that isn’t just a bag of chips, I love the idea of serving these hot dogs with some homemade creamed corn or even this cheesy cauliflower dish! If you are looking for a main meal that isn’t just a bag of chips, I love the idea of serving these hot dogs with some homemade creamed corn!

Air Fryer Hot Dogs

  • PREP TIME 2 minutes
    12 mins
    SERVINGS 2 servings
    4 hot dogs
    You may preheat your air fryer by following the directions in the instruction booklet, even if it is not essential.
    Spray for cooking that doesn’t stick
    4 hot dogs
    4 hot dog buns (top cut is preferred)
    4 pieces of cheddar cheese, with the option to add more
    For serving
  • Mustard Ketchup Pickles


A nonstick spray should be sprayed within the basket of an air fryer.
Fry the hot dogs in the air:
Place all four hot dogs in the basket of the air fryer, being sure to leave some room in between each one.

5 minutes of air-frying at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. When the hot dogs are ready, they should be sparkling hot and have some parts where they have a light brown color.

Toasted buns produced with an air fryer:

To serve, use tongs or a fork to remove the hot dogs from the basket of the air fryer, and then put each one on a bun.

For this dish, I think top-cut buns work best. The buns are easier to stand up, which results in better toasting.

Toast the buns by placing two fully prepared hot dogs in an air fryer and cooking them for one minute and thirty seconds. The final toasted bun will have a light toast all over it, and the edges will have a small crispiness to them.

If you intend to put cheese on your hot dogs, place a piece of cheese in the center of each bun, then place the hot dog on top of the cheese. After 90 seconds in the air fryer, the cheese will have melted, and the buns will have toasted.

Continue in this manner with the remaining hot dogs.

With the goal to:

As soon as possible, serve hot dogs topped with your preferred condiments for topping hot dogs, such as ketchup, mustard, and pickles.



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