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About The Quarter

Your Local Cajun Restaurant
Serving the Newtown, Southbury & Monroe, CT Areas

The Experience

The Quarter is a lively Cajun restaurant located in Newtown, CT. Our chefs have built a full menu using the best ingredients, while we provide you and your party with a great atmosphere.

We look forward to hosting you soon! We are just a short drive from Southbury, Monroe, CT, and the surrounding communities.

Follow us on social media to learn more! Contact us today to make a reservation or check out our menu online to see the selection we have to offer.

Delicious Cajun Seafood

Cajun food is a style of cooking that originated from the Cajun-Acadians. The Acadians lived in a portion of New France that is now Canada. When the British took over during the French and Indian War, they deported the Acadians. Many Acadians ended up in Southern Louisiana near what is now New Orleans. The foods they developed turned into what we know as Cajun cooking today. Cajun cooking is heavily rooted in seafood; most dishes also include onion, celery, and bell pepper. Cajun seafood and other dishes are known for their incredible flavors; while most people think that Cajun food is spicy, the spice level depends on the individual dish. A well-rounded Cajun menu has dishes that will please everyone. Here at The Quarter, residents of the Newtown, Monroe, and Southbury, CT areas will discover truly authentic examples of Cajun cuisine, including plenty of seafood options. Visit us today to learn more!